Commit 67580955 authored by Michael Koch's avatar Michael Koch
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Workaround for build errors. Set $DART_WORKAROUND env to enable it. Also update ng

parent cb969bb2
......@@ -28,7 +28,13 @@ $sed -ne :1 -e 'N;1,2b1' -e 'P;D' build.yaml > /tmp/build.yaml
mv /tmp/build.yaml build.yaml
echo " - -DleftPrinter=$leftPrinter" >> build.yaml
echo " - -DrightPrinter=$rightPrinter" >> build.yaml
make build
if [ -z $DART_WORKAROUND ]; then
make build
make build-workaround
mv /tmp/build.yaml.orig build.yaml
mkdir -p ../web
cp -R build/* ../web/
Subproject commit cf332ce326043b046f8497efad59b3b32eae82c9
Subproject commit b52b6638b87ab6154cee8560e1ec11415fe76f0e
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