Commit 04da77a4 authored by Leon Tappe's avatar Leon Tappe 🔥
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add local rsync function to makefile

parent 58fcfa03
......@@ -18,3 +18,12 @@ deploy:
@ssh $(deploy_user)@$(deploy_host) mkdir -p "$(deploy_path)"
@rsync -av -e ssh *.php *.json *.html js css php gfx node_modules $(deploy_user)@$(deploy_host):$(deploy_path)
@ssh $(deploy_user)@$(deploy_host) chown -R $(web_user):$(web_group) "$(deploy_path)"
build: install
@mkdir -p build
@rsync -av *.php *.json *.html js css php gfx node_modules config build
build-archive: build
@cp -r build raumbuchung
@tar czpf build.tar.gz raumbuchung
@rm -rf raumbuchung
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